• Model: Car Hub Rings
Set of 4 Hub Centric Rings for most passenger cars. If you purchase these with a set of wheels and they are either not applicable or not available, they will be refunded.

Part numbers available:

Part# Wheel Hub Bore Vehicle Hub Bore
HCR02-4 72.62mm 66.56mm
HCR03-4 72.62mm 57.10mm
HCR04-4 72.62mm 59.61mm
HCR05-4 72.62mm 60.06mm
HCR06-4 72.62mm 63.90mm
HCR07-4 72.62mm 64.15mm
HCR08-4 72.62mm 66.06mm
HCR09-4 72.62mm 67.20mm
HCR10-4 72.62mm 70.30mm
HCR11-4 72.62mm 56.15mm
HCR12-4 72.62mm 67.10mm
HCR13-4 72.62mm 54.06mm
HCR14-4 72.62mm 70.10mm
HCR16-4 72.62mm 65.07mm
HCR18-4 72.62mm 71.50mm
HCR24-4 72.62mm 70.60mm
HCR102-4 73.00mm 66.56mm
HCR103-4 73.00mm 57.10mm
HCR104-4 73.00mm 59.61mm
HCR105-4 73.00mm 60.06mm
HCR106-4 73.00mm 63.90mm
HCR107-4 73.00mm 64.15mm
HCR108-4 73.00mm 66.06mm
HCR109-4 73.00mm 67.20mm
HCR110-4 73.00mm 70.03mm
HCR111-4 73.00mm 56.15mm
HCR112-4 73.00mm 67.10mm
HCR113-4 73.00mm 54.06mm
HCR114-4 73.00mm 70.10mm
HCR116-4 73.00mm 65.07mm
HCR121-4 73.00mm 58.50mm
HCR124-4 73.00mm 70.60mm
HCR131-4 73.00mm 56.60mm
HCR144-4 73.00mm 63.10mm
HCR202-4 74.10mm 66.56mm
HCR203-4 73.00mm 57.10mm
HCR204-4 73.00mm 59.61mm
HCR305-4 73.00mm 60.06mm
HCR206-4 73.00mm 63.90mm
HCR207-4 73.00mm 64.15mm
HCR208-4 73.00mm 66.06mm
HCR209-4 73.00mm 67.20mm
HCR210-4 73.00mm 70.30mm
HCR211-4 73.00mm 56.15mm
HCR212-4 73.00mm 67.10mm
HCR213-4 73.00mm 54.06mm
HCR214-4 73.00mm 70.10mm
HCR215-4 73.00mm 72.60mm
HCR216-4 73.00mm 65.07mm
HCR217-4 73.00mm 70.50mm
HCR218-4 73.00mm 71.50mm
HCR224-4 74.10mm 70.60mm
HCR244-4 74.00mm 63.10mm
HCR702-4 78mm 66.56mm
HCR708-4 78mm 66.10mm
HCR714-4 78mm 70.10mm
HCR717-4 78mm 70.50mm
HCR718-4 78mm 71.50mm
HCR505-4 66.10mm 60.10mm
HCR905-4 83.82mm 60.06mm
HCR918-4 83.82mm 71.50mm
HCR1008-4 87.20mm 66.06mm
HCR1021-4 87.20mm 78.00mm
HCR1017-4 87.20mm 70.50mm
HCR1018-4 87.20mm 71.50mm

Available Options

Allows the wheels to set perfectly on the hubs - makes the lug nuts go on easily and squarely. ...

Rated by Steve N. - Nampa
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