• Model: Wheel Wax
Q - Is WheelWax safe for my clear coated wheels and how is WheelWax different from other wheel polish?
A - Yes, WheelWax is clear coat safe and has a clear coat sealer to protect from cracking. WheelWax is not a polish, it is a cleaner and wax that is formulated with space age polymers and resins, heat resistant sealant and carnuba wax, which provides the ultimate protection for wheels.

Q - How do you apply WheelWax?
A - Wash your wheels with car wash soap. Rinse and towel dry wheels. Apply WheelWax to wheels and allow to haze. Wipe haze to a bright and clean shine. In between Waxing clean with WheelWax Auto Shampoo and Wax to double WheelWax life on your wheels.

Q - Will I still have to polish my wheels?
A - WheelWax will at least extend time in between wheel polishing and may elimate the need to polish your wheels. WheelWax has been fomulated to add a protective barrier to wheels,which will repel harmful brake dust and road contaminates.

Q - How often do I need to apply?
A - Clean your wheels with WheelWax when they look dirty. You will notice that the time between cleanings increases as you use WheelWax. If any other chemical, high pH soap or automatic car wash is used, then WheelWax should be applied again.

Q - I live in the Snow Belt. Will WheelWax protect my wheels against road salt and harsh winter road chemicals?
A - Yes, WheelWax is designed to help combat these harsh conditions, keep in mind, whenever road salts contact your wheels you should clean them as soon as posible to keep your wheels looking great.

Q - How long will WheelWax last?
A - WheelWax was fomulated to last longer on wheels then any other product on the market;however,the lasting power of WheelWax will depend on how often the wheels are cleaned,and what product is used to clean the wheels.

Q - Is WheelWax safe for my Billet Aluminum wheels?
A - Absolutely,WheelWax will pamper your expensive wheels with natural moisturizers and oils designed specially for wheels such as Billet Aluminum and will providing the Ultimate Protection for your wheels. The application process for polished aluminum is slightly different. Just apply WheelWax to your polished aluminum or billet wheels and buff to a high shine. It is not necessary to let WheelWax dry on polished aluminum to get the ultimate protection for your wheels. Extending drying time on polished wheels may require more work to remove the haze. Buff off quickly for best results.

Q - Should I apply WheelWax to my new wheels?
A - Yes, the sooner you start with WheelWax protective treatments the longer your wheels will stay in new condition.
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