Significant manufacturer pricing increases coming mid-June for all wheel brands

Most manufacturers increasing wheel prices 15% to 20% in mid-June

June 15th increases for American Racing, Fuel, American Force, XD Series, KMC, Moto Metal, Niche, Asanti, Dub, Rotiform, Motegi, US Mags, Foose, Helo, OE Creations, American Force and others.

Other manufacturers are planning their price increases for mid-June but have not announced a date as of yet.

Get your orders in prior to mid-June!!!

  • Model: EF-606CF
  • Finish: Chrome

Discontinued / No longer available / None in stock

Cruiser Alloy 606C FWD Superstar Chrome EF-606CF Center Cap

This center cap fits all the FWD versions of the Cruiser Alloy 606C FWD Superstar Chrome wheel.

Part# EF-606CF

See Part# EF-606CR for the RWD Center Cap.
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