• Model: CAP-534B-MC-T
  • Finish: Satin Black w/ Chrome Monster "M" Logo

Due to restrictions in place by Monster Energy, we can only sell you a replacement Monster Energy cap if you are the original purchaser of your Monster Energy wheels. You will have to provide us with a copy of your original invoice for your wheels before we can order in and ship out a replacement Monster Energy center cap. Yes, it is ridiculous but we do not make the rules.

CAP-534B-MC-T / Monster Energy Edition 534B Tall Center Cap

Part# CAP-534B-MC-T

Other part numbers that may or may not be on the back of the center cap:

This cap fits all 18x9 and 20x9 wheels. This is the tall cap that is about 4" tall. If you need the short cap look for CAP-534B-MC.

This cap does not fit the 20x10 or 20x12 wheel sizes!!!
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