• Model: CAP-727B-6
  • Finish: Gloss Black
Gear Alloy CAP-727B-6 Satin Black Center Cap

Part# CAP-727B-6

Other part numbers that may or may not be on the back of the center cap:

Satin black with chrome gear letters, 6 chrome rivets and gloss black gear cogs.
Manufacturers Part Number // CAP-727B-6
Finish // Satin Black with Chrome Logo and Rivets with Gloss Black Lugs
Cap Diameter // 4-5/8"
Cap height // 2-9/16"
Casting Numbers (that may or may not be on back of the cap):
6001B116A / S1111-04 / 6001B116A-YB003
Cap includes 2 Black M6-1.0 bolts with a thread length of 10-MM to secure it to the wheel
Cap leaves lug nuts exposed
Important Notes
Fits only 5 and 6 lug applications
Please verify diameter of cap!
Does not fit any dually truck applications
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At the very minimum, you should verify cap
finish and diameter using the information
above. Most caps have at least 2 variations
that look alike and only differ in size or finish.
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